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'Odd, inventive, and genuinely very funny indeed' Cotswold Life Magazine on Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
'Madcap Tales', 'cult following for his whacky books', 'as inventive as they are entertaining' Cotswold Life Magazine on unhuman series

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Inspector Hobbes and the Blood

1 - Andy meets Hobbes for the first time
2 - The gnome, Hobbes introduces Andy to his strange world
3 - Andy goes home to 13 Blackdog Street with Mrs Goodfellow
4 - Andy meets Dregs, the dog, for the first time

Inspector Hobbes and the Curse

1 - Andy falls for Violet
2 - Hobbes and the rhino
3 - Andy meets Henry Bishop
4 - Andy, Violet and Felix go on a picnic

Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers

1 - Andy learns about the robbery and thinks Hobbes must be involved in the strangeness
2 - Andy meets the press at 13 Blackdog Street
3 - Andy and Hobbes go camping
4 - Andy leaves the police station and meets Mrs Duckworth

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones

1. Andy and Hobbes hear about Crackling Rosy
2. Andy braves the storm to go to the rescue of his odd neighbours

3. Andy and Hobbes get the boats
4. Andy rescues the boy

5. Hobbes and Andy meet 'Skeleton' Bob and Bob's wife and witness an argument

Silly Poems

Disastrous Relations Collection

for Uncle Hedley, in Memorium Wilkie's Uncle Hedley meets his end after a close encounter with a bumble bee.
A Gourmet's Unhappy End Another of Wilkie's uncles comes to a sticky end in the garden after a mishap with a bottle in the shed.
The Secret of my Success How Wilkie met with success after the sudden demise of an aunt and uncle at a birthday party.
The Fatal Funeral of Uncle Ray An overeating uncle's sad funeral, which caused the death of a poor aunt..
Rebel Spirit An overactive ancient grandfather gets some wheels and goes on the rampage.

Silly Poem - Bonehead

Bonehead A mystererious visitor means a sudden end in the middle of the night.


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